Thursday, March 30, 2006

Its just a moment...this time will pass.

It was really a "Sunday Bloody Sunday" for Kimi @ the Malaysian GP a fortnight back.Have fingers crossed for him this week.Hope he finishes fine @ Albert Park.But for me,the last weekend was rocking...was happy to know that i cleared Applied Thermodynamics. Its adios to thermodynamics now...was really fed up of all that bloody stuff in the past one year. Isothermic ,adiabetic, isentropic,critical temperature,triple point,latent heat...bloody balls to those sucking terms now.Was going thru bad times recently.
But thanks to Ketaki.As she mentioned in her last blog...

"It's just a moment
This time will pass".

Its going really that way for me...hope it'll be the same for Kimi.
I tell you, these U2 lyrics... some of them really have a moral...sort of insipiring ones too.
I mean- Stuck in a moment,All I want is you,Kite,Until the end of the world,Walk on,City of blinding lights- have some sahi lyrics.
Really getting addicted to Bono and his band these days...not that I wasnt used to listening to their music but recently, its been on a high.
Music apart, the next goal for me is getting a good job in the campus placements this August...Hope i am successful in achieving that.

Anyways,its time we all prayed for Kimi.

(PIC: U2 @ the Charles de Gaulle Airport,Paris)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Have a lot of facts to face and accept after being back in Belgaum.
Actually i got to know about them when in Mumbai.
And frankly speaking,these are really really hard facts for me to face.
Its been a tough time for me since then.
Should facts be accepted? or should they be worked upon to nullify them??
Whats your say?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Aamchi Mumbai

Being in Mumbai after a long gap of about 2 years feels really good.
Here for attending the TOEFL actually.
For any of the Mumbai-ites reading this blog this may be regular stuff,but for me this is really something good to talk about.After all, aamchi Mumbai is my place of birth yaar.
Tomorrow is Sunday.I have places to go,people to meet and many other thing to buy over here.
Sudarshan has already booked his order with me for the DVD's.
Also planning to go for a movie tomorrow...heard a lot about TAXI 9211.
Going back home on Monday evening...It'll be the same old routine schedule then.College stuff,classes....blah blah.
It sucks!!
One more thing...I'll post the snaps i mentioned in the last blog asap.
More later.