Saturday, August 26, 2006


"There are two types of laws: just and unjust.Every individual in a society to obey just laws and,even more importantly,to disobey and resist unjust laws".

hat was todays issue topic at the GRE class.I was just wondering what the hell Sudarshan and Rakesh are arguing upon.Could think of points to speak about the topic.Rally a hrd time to think about 3 "solid" examples that make the topic much lucid.And thats whats fetches a 4+ score on the Writing section.Thinking about what to write on this and its bugging me a lot.There are time when there a mental block...i.e.the thinking process just doesnt get going,and thats the state I am in right now.Thats why I am here to get "unblocked".

The pickup I got for the guitar from Panjim is damn sahi man...its sahi mein "dhinchak".The money i spent on it after saving it for the last 7/8 odd months was finally invested rightfully.900 bucks is really big money man...atleast for me.Dunno bout others.Now i have to start saving to buy whats known as a "cube".A small speaker with a mindblowing output.Costs around 1500 odd bucks.

Tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi.The festival we've been eagerly waiting for.A 1.5 day Ganpati @ home.This reminds me that I've forgotten to call my friends for the pooja tomorrow.GTG

Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy I-Day

Remember all those to endangered their "today" so that I and you could lead a better "tomorrow".

Friday, August 11, 2006

Guitaria...One year on.

Why I blog is really a mystery.For the past one year its been a sahi experience posting stuff here.Just 30 posts though(this being the 31st),but anyways this has sahi mein put in more thoughts and queries into my empty brain as to how things revolve around me.

The new jeans i had got yesterday....just got stuck in a nail n tore off...a small patch...but anyways this really put me off.Just couldnt concentrate in the lectures @ the college...just thoughts about whether i'll get to hear taunts about that jeans being referred as "phati purani jeans".Had a tough time running around in the rains to find a guy whole fix the patch...("rafoo" as its known in hindi)

Anyways, in the last few months,I was inspired by blogs posted by Arz000n,Sayesha,Paurna,Anumita,Neha,Soumyadip,AFJ,Ipanema girl and many more...How da hell did i forget Local boy Sudarshan.Frankly speaking all these blogs led me to think "A blog a day keeps tensions away"...and its true.Its worked with me recently when i posted abt 3 blogs in succession.Not on successive days though,but in a short span of about say...10 days.
Got a 5/6 in the TOEFL essay...Thanks to blogger.
Got to know about what people think about me and the world...Thanks to blogger.
Could let people know about my thoughts indirectly...Thanks to blogger.

Nikki is hosting a party today.He and Malik are leaving for the US next week.Aaudi must have reached by now.Eagerly waiting to see a snap of Malik with a limo...Dont drop ur jaws...It ain't his.There no one to drop him @ the college from JFK so its a $100 ride for him :))
Gotta go and get that jeans from the laundry...shall post a pic of that patch is possible. :((