Friday, December 26, 2008

Maintain the balance.

People can't be predicted. That is what I've seen after my stay in the US for almost a year and a half now. And I thank "HIM" for making me aware such an important thing. A lesson that cannot be forgotten throughtout life.

But that ends up putting a dark shadow on another imporant entity in life-"Faith" is what we humans generally refer to it as.

The moral being that you've gotta balance between the unpredictable nature of people around you and "faith" in them. That is indeed a great art in itself, which hardly a few of us end up realising.

I'm lucky that I have people around me that I can always count upon. Especially the three little devils- Adu,Gayatri* and Rishita.

*Gayatri= Adu's sister. Not Tai's roomie. ;)


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