Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Finally,done with all the "ratta".

At last,a sign of relief.
Exams are over.

Especially todays exam was really good.Saala it was CAD/CAM and the syllabus included ,most of it was purely theoretical. Had a tough time mugging all this descriptive stuff.Thanks to the "overnight" @ diplo's house....could study well for this paper.We were awake till about 5.30am.
Also thanks to Sinha for a sahi explanation regarding all the important data.
Imagine Sinha, explaning all this stuff in a decent language.Anyways,it really helped.
Could easily recall all the points which were to be stressed upon while scribbling the right answers. And now its all through.But surely he'll curse me for the tasteless coffee i prepared last night.
Had thought of getting back home after the exam n having a sound sleep for hours together...but that dint happen.Spent the afternoon surfing n watching TV.
Went to the gym today evening after a break of about a month.Thought i must have put on considerable weight due to this long gap,but suprisingly i have lost a kilo. "Exam impact" i should say.
Sweated @ the gym in the evening,starting on the treadmill for about 5laps...i.e about 20mins.Came back home and went to have a haircut which was most needed.
Got to go now...have to finish off with FIVE POINT SOMEONE tonight.Have read about half of it and its too good.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Inspired by a pic.

This pic led me to name this blog.
Anways if u ponder upon this punchline "GUITARIUM OF LIGHT",its really sems to be some kind of a source of inspiration sometimes.Seems to be analogous to "ray of light","ray of hope" etc.Especially,the chord lines above...remind me that i havent practised on the guitar for a long time...Also,although i got my own,thanks to dhaval...he too has left his guitar with me.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


A cup of COFFEE(purposely put that in capitals) was all that i had to welcome the newyear.
Aie,Baba and Shantanu were away @ the club to celebrate the evening.
I was left with aji,ajoba @ home.
athough i have been staying @ home for the past 2/3 yrs on the new yrs eve,this was one of the most boring new yrs eve.As i mentioned earlier...exams on da cards.

Just thought of posting some new years resolutions.

`Study well.
`Get a good job.
`Think whats up after 2006(too early,but i have to..cuz i just dont want to think of me not getting a good job).
`Make other people realise that i am trustworthy.
`Workout in the gym n reduce fat.
`Try n be of out Belgaum for a considerable time..really bugged of staying in here(is this a resolution??).
`Learn something from Knopfler...(surely he is an icon).
`Watch JHANKAR BEATS and DIL CHAHTA HAI n number of times.
`Continue with blogging.
`Talk for a longer time to someone/people with whom i always wanted to talk to.(already mentioned that i my earlier post)
`Perform well in the upcoming exams.

There is more,but cant thing of anything right now...and i think this was the fastest post i had ever compiled...just took me around about 10minutes.

Anyways for all those who care and also to those who dont...HAVE A ROCKING 2006.