Sunday, June 17, 2007

Abhishek Inamdar [B.E.]

So thats what i am now.
fin the project demo on 12th. Thought that the guys at the other side of the desk would screw us royally in the viva, but luckily ours was the last seminar in the department the asshole took the viva for hardly 10 min man.I mean its ok...but after a long 6 month of thinking and "scratching" all we got was a 10 min exam to answer.
Anyways its all over now.

Havta get a visa appointment now. Just waiting for the exam ka results.
I though life would be heaven after B.E. But the first day itself turned out to be hell.
Had to run around to get my passport renewed under the Tatkaal thing. Although I had sent it for renewal sometime in March expecting it to be renewed in a month or so...but for reasons it dint work through.So had to go all the way to Bangalore.
Luckily the Asst.Passport Officer was courteous enough to mention that he'd issue my passport on 18th.So will get it on Tuesday.Hopefully that'll expedite all my F1 visa related work.

Hamilton is on the pole again @ Indy...He'll win for sure.
Also, pray for Kimi.
More later.