Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blog 6

Yea...the Aussies have lost n Kevin Pietersen rules.His scintillating knock of 150 odd runs saved the "men in blue" from da jaws of a possible Aussie victory.Except for the Aussie spin king...all da Aussies deserve losing for their under estimation of the englishmen. Really happy 2de.Was trying out the "On a day like today" ka chords for the past few days....finally got them right sometime back.

Havent blogged anything about places...

Was just going thru some old group snaps...n Pratapgad fort is a place to be.To be point perfect its 24kms from Mahabaleshwar.A visit there once will make u a nature freak.The beauty around is amazing.Even the layout of the stones used for the structures inside the fort is sahi.I had been there about 3-4yrs back.The old tradition still continues...The main "darwaza" of the fort at which the snap is clicked is opened 6am sharp...n closed at sunset.
Rest is fine...its home-college-home as usual.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Hope they win

Thought of posting a blog 2de ,when i was attending the "Industrial Engineering" ka everyone the UK were eagerly waiting for the 5th day of the final ashes tests to commence....i too was.i was excited about the fact that England would draw the game n win the ashes after a 17 year long wait.Returned home from the college n switched on the TV to see Vaughan send the second ball of the day to da boundry for a 4.But i think this joy of mine will be short lived cuz the englishmen are already 5 down with a lead of 126 ...and that makes chances of the Aussies to draw the series much stonger...this means that only the rains can save the men in blue from parting with the ashes.
By the way...saw Saalam Namaste yde...the first half is too sahi...but the second half really sucks...and as Sarang rightfully said...My dil goes Mmmm is a sahi gaana...also Javed Jafri is "eggjactly" good.
Have a function in da coll 2mrw to welcome da 3rd sem freshers to da department...excited about the fact that the freshers will introduce themselves to the audience....and thats a sahi time for the "official" ragging.(the same what happened to last year...N guess what it was me who had to intro myself...cuz my name was 1st on the rolls.)
More later...
And once more...2nd half of Saalam Namaste sucks.