Thursday, October 19, 2006

Long day ahead.

Finally, the GRE is over.Now that its done,dont expect me to post in the GRE language.Had a hard time mugging up words.Anyways, I fared pretty well.And guess what issue topic i had to answer on the AWA section? That bloody "just and unjust laws" stuff. And FUCK(there's that word again),I was just blank about what to write.Cuz this was one of the essays in the list of which i had avoided writing @ FACT...thanks my bloody laziness.
And now I am back in Belgaum.Its been almost a week later that i am jotting down this stuff.You must have thought that I enjoyed my stay in Mumbai.Sure, I really would have, if i wouldn't have been down with bloody conjunctivitis.Hell is a lot better when it comes to conjunctivitis.N this shit kept me away from going to Pune.Just cuz of this I was "shining" according to Ketaki and Parul.Think they havent yet experienced conjunctivitis.Now I am all well and can bloghop for hours.
Started going to the gym after a 2 month long gap.Feels good going back to the regular schedule.Felt as if i was missing something wehn away from the gym.Gotta go @ 10am to FACT where i'll get a "dealing" from AS regarding the university admissions and stuff.Its time I started it all ..Then I gotta go to the office @ 11.30.All the diwali ka "saaf-saafai" over there.Gotta put my room in order.Appointment with string guru Raj @ 6pm.God i just realised that its gonna be "The longest day".In the mean time just check out this guitar tune.Sahi mein liked it.Hats off to Klif.YOUTUBE really rocks yaar.