Monday, October 24, 2005


Long time i didn't post a blog...
Was just going thru the blogs on da net and whenever i check da same blog page da next day a new blog is posted..n see me,blogging after a lifetime.One thought makes me go can people around da world think n post all this stuff in a jiffy.After all they too are humans right?
As far as my broken tooth is concerned,havent fixed it an appointment with Dr.Sonal though,last week but had to cancel it due to lectures. Probably i'll get it fixed during the diwali vacations...have a week off for diwali.
Recently, i am enjoying watch a movie everyday...thanks to tauro.He is been doing a great job downloading all those movies from da net.
Finally......i enquired abt the batch timings for the gym...7am and if i dont go there from 2mrw i'll get a kick on my ass from ajay...Sahi me..He is a fitness freak. Frankly speaking,i havent excercised that seriously ever since i entered GIT.
Can anybody suggest a name for this aimless blog?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Helluva time

Bullshit! my artificial incisor is broken again...think i gulped the broken part of it with the tandoori i had yde night.I called Dr.Sonal (Doc who fixes my tooth right everytime the composite damages) 2de twice.She was courteous enough to call back.Said she's in Pune for some conference.Promised to fix it right next week.
Din't have college 2de though...but had a helluva time 2de fixing my PC ka problem....had to get the WinXP ka cd from Abhijeet and call him N number of times while installing it.
Who said setting up windows was fun.If anyone has said so...may his/her soul rest in peace.
But has its positive points...and technically speaking, i dont knw any of them.
Have college 2mrw from 8to5....n that includes the machine shop.
Thats more of hell.
C ya later.