Thursday, January 25, 2007

Billion dollar question

The college in which i was screwed and still being tortured commenced from 29th...the last semester.Still confused as to what electives i have go in for.Welding technology and Industrial robotics are the two amongst which i have to choose to confirm one of the electives....the other i have already finalised.After being to IMTEX...I'm getting more of inclined go in for Industrial Robotics rather than for this welding thing.

Saw Traffic Signal yesterday...amongst the crowd were hardcore Madhur Bhandarkar fans...I mean people, who really follow his themes very well.

The billion dollar question in my mind these days is how do i spend the evenings...frankly speaking I've got nothing to do,except for reading The Google Story...but that'll get over in another 2 days...phir kya?? I've got nothing to do...absolutely nothing...I'm really bugged.

To add to the misery we had no lectures today...Actually we all bunked 1 lecture...n the others were officially called off due to some staff meeting.So it was like just going to the coll ...spending some time in the canteen with a "handful" of classmates."Handful", coz many haven't yet come back from home after the vacations.

And even today evening....I've got nothing to do.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mailed Nihar.....

kya be ......kaisa hai....
itunes was playing this Aerosmith ka gaana "living on the edge"....
reminded me that i havent mailed u for long.
Was just going thru camp some days with gaurav.
felt as if life mein something was missing n that was the school,
moreover the hav raised that convent ka wall....
remember the times we used to stand at the main gate as the so called "Cabinets"?
Just then i realised it was fucking 7 yrs since we passed outta school....
time soon.
3 or 4 months later this year it'll be 7 years since i got a 100 in maths @ th SSC exams....n that was it all....good time was over.Never did i realise that life would suck ever since then so much.

Havent heard from u for long...hai kidhar tu aajkal,no sign of u since u left china for the sea.
Will be fin the 7th sem ka finals 2mrw.
Just some 6 more months to go....when I'll feel ashamed to call myself an engineer.Dont know what the fuck i have learnt in these four years....n where i'll be next year.
Gtg right now....will mail u later.
you hit back soon.