Saturday, April 28, 2007

Let the lion roar

Its the big day in the world of ODI cricket again.The World cup final.
And we have two sahi teams who'll battle for victory against each other.
the scumbag,filthy Aussie team and the Lankan lions. The toss is a few minutes away.

Although I do feel that India should always rule Asian cricket.But I've lost all interest in Indian cricket after that shameful loss @ the World cup.

You can call it Gandmasti....but i think that lankans should win coz the team from down under should feel the pain @ the wrong places.coz frankly speaking i really feel that the Team Australia don't deserve winning the cup just coz they are number 1....yea number 1 in sledging and racism.Dint you see that ass racist Ponting speaking out to the South African batsmen in the Semifinal?

Let me be open yaar....I want the lankans to win....In fact every individual wants them to win....if u read the papers you'll see most columns been written with the affirmative inclined towards the aussies.but finally they do want a change....they do want Lankans to win....Let Murali enjoy the last days of his career and let McGrath feel the heat.Dont you agree Sudarshan???