Sunday, April 16, 2006


Day and date:Sunday,April 16,2006
Time : 10.30 am-1230 pm
Place: Some school ground.

Now this ain't some shaadi ka invitation.
Actually I had the guitar ka class 2de @ that school.And earlier when i called my guru-Raj...he said that the peon who was to give us the room ka keys wasn't @ the place whr he shud have been @ that time.After telling me about this key ka lafda he just casually said that he'd take the class under some tree(thats "katta" in typical mumbaiya style).I went there n he taught me all string stuff for about 2 hours under a tree on a school ka playground.Also discussed about his"unnamed" band.Heard them play @ a party last Sunday and tell you what...these guys rock.
Learning the guitar under that tree, for minutes made me think as if i was in some bloody ancient era-taking lessons from my "guru".Now is this whats known as a Masti ki Paathshala?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

When i think about these...

Now this just struck me last night while going to bed...
these names really make me feel...cant really explain what n why.
Now thats only the names...not the ones with those names :)
Thought of posting some, and what they mean

`Aditi-mother of all gods
`Devaki-Krishna's mother(thats "mom" in modern day angrezi)
`Hemangi-one with a body of gold
`Janhavi-river Ganga
`Juhi-some flower(havent even seen it...anyways who the hell cares)
`Shravani-born in the month of shravan

Actually there are many more i like...some i dont wanna mention...n some names i do like but hate the some people i know, with those bloody names.
Anyways,which ones do u like n what do they mean?