Friday, May 28, 2010


Now here are a few thoughts I really wanted to share for the past few months, but was procrastinating. I know its 3am right now.

1.Are birthday's special? Its just another day in your life!

2.Need to get the Harp Harmonics right,compose stuff ,meet Tommy Emmanuel and perform for him!

3.Cards bought at the store dont have a special meaning. After all they are a "bunch" of thoughts put forward in a decorated manner. I do not know why, but handwritten notes or handmade cards have a much much much much better exchange of thoughts, ideas and feelings.So, henceforth I plan to stop buying cards. Not that I am against it. But just my opinion.

4.I am missing good food. I need to stop eating Junk.I need to exercise, I need to reduce the extra fat.I wont miss a day or a morning jog. (from monday of course).I need to sleep well.

5. A very important thing. I will stick to blogging. Thats what helped me with my GRE!

By the way,in case this is read ,Any thought about what I name the new song?


At 11 August, 2010 10:28, Blogger Ketaki said...


At 11 August, 2010 10:46, Blogger Ketaki said...

do i get a prize for being the first one to notice/read and comment.. ;)


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