Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Its unusual heavy rains here…there were no such rains here for abt a fortnight. Rained heavily yesterday evening. But today its raining @ the same hour again… add to the misery its even thundering , seeing that for the first time @ the place I stay…just surprised cuz its not happened so in the month of aug-sept ….My room has literally become a dungeon, with the dark clouds in the sky.
Saw "The Italian Job" yde night on HBO...sahi movie.
Been to Sarbjot’s house 2de….had to scan some pics. Good people.
Food she prepares is toooo good.
College starts tomorrow and Thermodynamics sucks.….
Don’t know what surprises we’ll be having this academic year.
Just few more hours to go…for the four month slogging to start.
Deva vachav re!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Late night blog

Was asleep early @ about 11pm,but due to da usual habit of sleeping late night i woke up...couldn't sleep.Its 1.53AM, early saturday morning now.Thought of blogging.As i said earlier about the various thoughts that come into my mind when i am alone......many are now.So choosing a topic to blog ...(n that too late night) amongst all these thoughts is a tough job.
Today was Parrya's Bday party....get-together would be a better word..cuz there were only 3to4 of us.There was Alhad(Allya,Patil,Al,Alsy,many more names for him) n Bagi to mention some names.Being Gokulashtami...on da menu was a variety of "pohas".It was too good being together after a long long time.
Actually i don't know whats wrong with my left shoulder....still in severe pain.Seems like da after effects of da 4km trek we had on Sunday.Shall have to show it to da doc soon.
BROTHERS IN ARMS is toooo sahi gaana...good number to listen on full volume with da headphones on @ late night...n thats what i am doing.Its 2.05am now.Gotta wind up.Time is not a constraint...actually,i am hungry.
Solid bhook lagi hai.

Monday, August 22, 2005

@ the college

Atmosphere in GIT is so gloomy when no one's around.No guys running for completion of journals,no one in da canteen,nobody in da library...same n our department.But walking alone in da coll feels too good.A lot of thoughts come up in da mind.Makes u think a lot...Saw the placement cell notice board ...good GOD so many placements...only 1 related to Mech n IP though(kirloskar oil engines).
Just thinking "mera number kab ayega??".
College starts a week later..all that same "dhavpal" again.N Life sucks coz my roll no. is 1.I'm wondering why i took up engineering...n now that i have...when does it get over.2 more yrs to go!!
By the way I'm here just to get Zuhaib's(guy from Margoa who takes a solid dheel of GC) work done from da office....The letter he wanted is ready.But the princi is not there n the vice princi is in a meeting.My wait has already been for over an hour...still waiting...Lets see if i get it...else...i'll be back for another blog in an hour.

Friday, August 12, 2005


hi...this is my first blog...
just excited abt this blogging stuff...
cant think of what to S-C-R-i-B-B-L-E.