Sunday, March 18, 2007

High and low

Six months past and I was eager to see kimi in red.The flying finn as he is known...came back with a bang,conquered the pole and later the race at Albert Park.The pitstop strategies were damn sahi.

And what a finish by the English debutant Lewis Hamilton...came in 3rd place for the Mclaren's
Actually i just registered for the Mobil1 Fantasy GP on, was away from it for the last two seasons.In fact I was @ the 12th position during the Italian GP for the 2004 season...but then tumbled down to end the season at the 361st position.The most exciting part of all this is that I've included Hamitlon and Kimi in my team as of now,and Also,Ferarri and Mclaren's as the teams.

Moving towards cricket,I always though Gibbs would rule "one fine day" after he dropped Steve Waugh during the 1999 WC semi-finals and he did shine last week ...slamming 6-6's in a row.
But fuck man, the so called men in blue had a shameful defeat against the minnow team-Bangladesh...what the hell....still cant believe it.

But more than that its sad to hear about Bob Woolmer's death.The Irish thrashing the Pakis was already a major shock for him....Anyways, Woolmers death was a sad incident.The saddest thing about the death was that cricket had something to do with it.

Time for some publicity now.... Ketaki changed her blog to HERE.