Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bloody blogroll

Was checking some blogs recently.
Was surprised to check many of the known blogpages blogrolled on many of the pages...
n the names for blogrolls...are really worth looking at...
`I check...
`I drop by at
`Looks who's blogging
`Other's thoughts
`I read
`Best of the worst

Not surprised...cuz surely i gotta write a lot better if i gotta enter any of the blogrolls...n not all crap.Time will tell if i can.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pramod Venkatesh Mahajan:1949-2006


I remember it was when in 1996 i started following Indian politics, was amongst the few leaders' whose rallies i followed on television.
Even @ an age of "50+" he was well known among the youth for his charismatic personality.
Today the "Laxman" of Indian Politics is no more amongst us.
Pramodji, we're proud to have lived in an era in which a political leader of your caliber, who inspired many existed.