Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The 4 letter word

FUCK....Think that first word was the least that i could do to express the frustration of rattofying those angrezi words.I think i should resort to that shift+123 type gaali galoch.And just when i think of taking a break the incubus "starring" words starts...I always forget the meaning of: insouciant,nepanthe,sybarite,emasculate,apotheosis....the list goes on.The worst part of it all is that D-day is nearing.Dont know whats gonna happen.I am damn tensed.But anyways I always make a point every morning to read the blog previous to this.Thats what inspires me that there is some light @ the end of the tunnel.

Watched "Pyar Ke Side Effects" on Sunday.12 of us.Damn sahi movie man...love the role played by Ranvir Shorey.I always knew that Rahul Bose starrers are too good.But Ranvir sahi mein stole the show.The best part of it all is that some characters from that "reel" movie which resembled some people from real life.FUCK we laughed as if we havent laughed for years.
Now dont ask me why I am using that 4 letter word again.To tell u some fact,I have a audio clip on my PC which says that its the universal word after "GOD" by which we can express N number of emotions.Works with me though.

Now I am eagerly waiting to watch Bas ek pal.the two gaanas "tere bin" and "bas ek pal" have already made me a fan of the movie even before its release.Anyway, I like those Sanjay suri and Juhi chawla movies.Sometimes I do feel thats its true to a greater extent that theres just one incident,yea, a pal which may change the course of ones life.A course which one wouldnt even imagine.And FUCK, this is true with me.

Don't you feel now that the word can be used universally?? ;)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hope this makes a difference

For all your days prepare,
And meet the challenges ever alike.
When you are ythe anvil,bear-
When you are the hammer,strike.

Don't worry and fret,
The chances have just begun.
For the best jobs haven't been started,
The best work hasn't been done.

Let craft, ambition, spite
Be quenched in Reason's night,
Till weakness turns to night,
Till what is dark be light,
Till what is wrong be right.

If you always do what you've always done,
You'll always get what you've always got.

Just borrowed Darshan's note book to jot down some stuff.These lines were written on the first page on the book.Really is something worth pondering upon the last 2 lines.And these lines do help if your persuing ur bloody Bachelors degree.Gonna put it up in my room and make it a point that i read it everyday before I leave for college.Hope it makes a difference.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

24 hours a day : too less??

These days i am trying to adopt Amit sir's (AS) funda,write down the things u wanna do the next day,everynight before going to bed.Started doing this just about 2-days back.This aint the typical "time table" stuff,like
0630-0700 daily chores
0730 Leave for school/college
0800-reach the college,attend lectures................................................................................
....................................................................2100-dinner 2200-Bed

God i hate doing this!!

AS ka funda is just take a small piece of paper,"Stick-ons" as they are popularly known...n jot down the things u want to do the next day.
Yesterday nights list included the following.

-Borrow a book from the library.
-Buy a card for Amit Sir.
-Wordlist/Roots DEF
-Finish the first chapter of Metal forming.
-Ratta of chapter 1 of DBMS.
-Change the guitar ka strings.
-Find and make a note of all the minor chords.
-Install CATIA

Number 3,5,6,7 are yet to be done...n now I am @ number 10.

Thats been one of the shortest list in the days to come.There'll be much longer lists and frankly speaking,24 hours will be really a short time to finish all the stuff.Anyways thanks to AS for his new ideas.Yea, AS-thats what he'll be known in my blogs from now on.

Today is the 11th day of the Ganesh festival.Hope "HE" makes all our wishes turn to reality in the coming year.

Now i am done with number10.