Monday, November 06, 2006

All my troubles are here to stay.

Now what all i am gonna bark in here is coz of Nihar.
Had been to his ghar a couple of days back.His laptop was playing his favourite AC/DC gaana "Long way to the top".Actually i have this habit of changing gaanas midway when playing i switched it over to "Walk of Life"...and just after Knopfler finished this gaana,Nihar as this "billion $ Q"

"Abhya dont you get some feeling when you listen to gaanas?...i mean dont they mesmerise you?"? (This a billion dollar Q???)

"There aren't any I've thought of.Why?" I asked as I sipped coffee.

"Arre sable nahi,I just casually asked after i listened to this Walk of life"

I just listened to a few more gaanas,discussed a few things that what he referes to as "Bakchodi"...another word for phaltu talk if I am right,n then was back home.

Today was a long day.The gym @ 6,College @ 8am...i entered Shivkumars lecture late as usual.Lectures of the day finished @ 2pm odd...factory,FACT and back home @ 6pm.
Put on the PC...n put on the playlist i usually listen to.2/3 gaanas later iTunes was played the Beatles stuff "yesterdays" a jiffy i realised what Nihar said was true.Some gaans do change ur mood. and this is true with me @ the moment...cuz when beatles sung the line "all my troubles are here to stay" from yesterdays...i just realised that they are indeed here to stay as i already gave a clue of them in some of my earlier posts.I need to kick these troubles out of my life.When and how,...i got to think about it.Hope I get to see that day soon.