Monday, December 19, 2005

Whats he gotta do?

Feels good when u get to talk to people u always wanted to talk after a long time,whether its friends,relatives,teachers,profs in ur earlier college...or may be someone u like?
Anyways...its but natural to feel good if u get to talk to people whom u always wanted to talk to.
Frankly speaking i neva go n talk to people out of da way ,Cuz this is what happened to me on a sunny Saturday afternoon

X: need to open up with people.
Me:Open up?What do u mean.
X: Just want to say that ur an introvert,a loner n u need to come forward n talk to people more often.

...n there would have been fine if i was knowing this person for a long time but it wasn't so...just met him for da second time, he was on with a big lecture.It was 1pm, n i think that this was a time when i shud've been having my lunch(and who doesnt feel sleepy when it comes to lectures?)...but this guy was on with his nonstop chatter.
What has he gotta do with how i am and me not talking to people.
And thats why i've always avoided making contacts with new people...ya i surely do but thats just to the point..

So just hope and pray that i get to talk for a long time with someone for i always wanted to talk to...
Has this ever happened to you...that you wanted to talk to someone and you couldn't?
F****** exams are near...3rd Jan...have to put in my best effort.

anyways, just for the sake of info...

introvert in·tro·vert
. reserved or shy person,a person preoccupied with his/her own thoughts
loner lon·er
n. One who avoids the company of other people.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


My cousin is here after a long time from the US.
Guess what...he's got an iPOD for Ketaki...n thats what made me go crazy for iPODs.
Didnt exactly know what was possible with an music ,videos,store files etc etc. Its really sahi yaar.
He was here this weekend with Ketaki,Atya n Kaka.Spend this weekend @ the temple with them in Ponda.Was really a sahi get-together.
Just dreaming when i'll get a iPOD for myself...but thats only after i start earning,may be after abt 1.5yr.Long time though...but worth a wait if i get a good job thru the campus n buy it with my own paisa.
Have to study really hard for that.
Have to concentrate like hell on studies...Its time i have to be serious.
Just 1yr of seriousness n life ban jayegi.
Shit!...its time, i gtg n submit my journals
...its already 9.44am, n i have to be there @ 10...n i havent had my bath yet
Have to rush.