Thursday, February 02, 2006

The best days

I cant think of what to write....i am still excited.
Had been to Nanded last weekend for the 86th Akhil bharatiya Marathi Natya Sammelan.
Thanks to Veena Maushi for this providing me with this opportunity.
Although i bungled a bit with the sound coordination...she,Mr.Chaudhari,Shivaji,Varsha and Nina maushi did support me. And the natak by our team received a sahi response from the audience.And being from Belgaum did add to all the excitement.Frankly we were amongst a treasure of so called "celebs" from the world of marathi cinema for about two days. i.e on 28th and 29th Jan.
Tell you what...this was the first time i ever enjoyed after joining the engineering course.
The stay @ Nanded was too good.
The journey back home was too sahi...visited the temples @ Tuljapur and Pandharpur.
Shivaji's presence did added to all the fun...this guy really corrupted all my "clean thoughts".
Thats all for now.Will post some pics of this tour later.