Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fever without football.

These world cup matches are beating the shit out of the exam fever...
Matches are start daily @ 6.30pm n continue one after another late night till about 2am.
An I since my school days i never preferred to study during the day...can concentrate better studying late nights.Its been hard concentrating on studies if theres sahi match @12.30am
Although I thought it was an all Argentine or German worldcup, after that disappointing Czech asskicking by Ghana...i am convinced with the fact that the blue ribbon could belong to anyone in the final 16 @ Germany 2006.
I dont understand one thing...why couldnt India qualify all these years for the FIFA world cup...and suddenly the body responsible for the footballing activities in India comes up with a statement that we'll try to get to the 2014 tournament.Bullshit man...they couldnt come up with a better infrastructure for the beautiful game in all these years...they talk about getting there in 8 years.Look @ all the stadiums in we even have one such stadium?True that i cant play football and that its better to look @ this view a positive perspective.
Why does a cricketer get more respect that a footballer?I read about 2/3 years back that the indian team travelled by train from Bangalore to Chennai to leave for soime tournament abroad from chennai...Would the Indian cricket team ever do so?That makes me more inclined to the viewpoint that Indian football is neglected in the hands of "babus".Why arent people who know something about the game be allowed to look into the officiasl matters of Indian football rather than some crap politicians? I know that there's a lot of politics involved in the European boards as well but as Sudarshan rightfully said they do atleast abt 20-30% of can we compare it with the reality here?But i feel relieved with the fact that Indian cricket is also dominated by politics.As some1 rightfully said...there is football fever in india...
To make it more clear its a fever amongst the youth,with the football in the hands or some crap politicians.